Tired of the Blood Sugar Roller-Coaster?

Glucose SOS™ can Help

We've got the Right Stuff!

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can be frightening for all involved.  Waiting for the body to digest candy, soda, or juice can feel like an eternity and panic often leads to over-treatment and rebound high blood sugar. This low-high blood sugar roller-coaster reduces quality of life, decreases productivity and can result in long-term complications. 

The lower the blood sugar, the more critical the treatment choice.  Glucose SOS™ is pure powdered glucose and starts to work fast!

Absorbs Instantly
No Chewing Necessary
Fast Acting

 In Great Tasting Flavors

We understand how difficult it can be to consume carbs on a full stomach, or worse, when experiencing the nausea that may accompany hypoglycemia. Glucose SOS™ offers an assortment of flavors to satisfy a wide range of taste buds.

With Practical Benefits too!

From a practical standpoint, expiration dates, hot and cold temperatures and limited space can make hypoglycemia preparedness difficult to achieve.  When it's too hot, candy may melt, soda may explode and juice may turn sour.  When it's too cold, candy and soda may freeze and delay treatment even further.  Plane travel, outdoor exercise, or situations requiring discretion, also present treatment challenges.

Does not Freeze or Melt
Extended Shelf-Life
Low Profile and Discrete
Travel Friendly

Glucose SOS

Developed by inventor Pamela Heyward in response to the hypoglycemic horror she faced while raising two young daughters diagnosed with
Type 1 diabetes.



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