I am a mother blessed with four children, two of whom have Type-1 Diabetes, my heroes My story is one I have wanted to share for some time. It’s a personal story based of faith and action. One of the most difficult tasks to deal with when you have Diabetes is managing and controlling blood sugars. Both have experienced frequent low blood sugar attacks which often result in violent and terrifying seizures. At the age of 3 my daughter began playing with Diabetic Angels, as well as, experiencing a conversation with God. After much persistence on my part, I learned that God had given her a Horn. Yes, a Horn that has saved both the girls lives on several occasions. A loud noise alerted me in the middle of the night to the low blood sugars, one that only I could hear while others peacefully slept. Then the voice, "your child needs you" urged me to take action and treat the terrifying low blood sugar. Again, here she was, moments away from a seizure that could have taken her life, but thankfully her life saved. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that I casually mentioned the experience of hearing this deafening sound only heard by me to my child, who was all of 4 years old. With the innocence of a child she simply replied, “duh, Mom. I told you, God gave me a horn and I was blowing it”. At this point, I recognized the spiritual presence of Angels watching over us. We are not alone at all. That profound yet matter-of-fact statement has shaped my faith journey ever since and from that time on my destiny was to become a Mom on a Mission to enhance my children's life and all those living with Diabetes. On my life’s journey, I’ve come to believe that we are all given “angels” or “invisible friends” to watch over us and keep us safe. Finding and recognizing the presence of these angels is often difficult. Our family was blessed to be given a horn, a very loud horn that when blown and subsequently heard can save the life of a child.